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About Us

Welcome to TAAMAY! Here, French attention to detail merges with Mexican export quality. Founded on the principles of collaboration, experience, and equity, we are a dynamic Franco-Mexican company dedicated to bridging the gap, whether it’s financial, cultural, or operational, between producers and clients in international trade. We export products from Latin America to Europe, North America, and the Middle East, connecting our clients with a profile oriented towards fair trade practices and social responsibility, through our pool of producers to whom we provide competitive window analysis, specific product quality requirements demanded by the market, as well as joint planning for upcoming seasons to increase the likelihood of successful operations, meeting the high standards demanded by current markets.

Our commercial strength actively engages with the key players in the industry in target markets, establishing personal relationships, attending major food trade shows, conducting trade missions by visiting prospects at their facilities, and collaborating hand in hand with key organizations such as chambers of commerce and associations, which undoubtedly favor our integration into the local community. Committed to fair trade practices, we mitigate supply chain risks by offering cutting-edge logistics solutions and reviewing every step of the export process with a fully personalized service to clients and producers.

Contact us and experience the authentic fairtrade experience.

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Key Taamay Value Proposition

Sourcing Management in LATAM for Global Markets.

Specialists in sourcing management for clients outside of Latin America, ensuring an efficient and reliable supply chain through careful planning in collaboration with local producers. We ensure that our associated producers promote social impact in their communities and meet the quality and continuity required to remain competitive.

End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions.

We offer comprehensive solutions that span from the production process to delivery at agreed-upon facilities, ensuring smooth and efficient logistics. We pay attention to the intrinsic details of each product regarding its packaging and transportation.

Flexible Logistic Options.

We offer a variety of road, maritime, air and rail transportation options, intended to provide cutting-edge routes and greater benefits than established ones. Our logistics team is focused on continuous improvement.

Trade Protection for Clients and Producers.

We close financing gaps by participating in the necessary investment for operations and provide administrative facilitation to protect the commercial interests of our clients and associated producers.

Value Chain Control, Cost Analysis, and Market Reports.

We provide rigorous control of the value chain and prices, along with updated market reports, maximizing business intelligence and competitiveness for our producers and customers in target markets.

Customized Services.

We specialize in tailor made services, adapting our approach to each specific requirement of our clients and collaborating with the necessary adjustments with our associated producers. Our main strength lies in accompanying our clients and producers at every stage of the commercial process, providing advice and solutions whenever they need it with TAAMAY’s expertise in international trade operations.



Mexico is the global leader in Hass Avocado production.

The different micro-climates present in Mexico favor 4 blooms throughout the year that combine high quality with good flavour, making it unique in the world.

Mexico is the biggest producer of persian lime in the world; Martinez de la Torres in Veracruz is known as the citrus capital of the world.

TAAMAY works with local producers in this region to offer the highest quality Persian Limes to our global clients.

The Kent mango is recognized as one of the finest tropical fruits and Mexico is the leading exporter in its different varieties worldwide.

Succulent and fleshy exotic fruit with an oval shape and a sweet taste that is very pleasant to the palate.


Green and Toasted Coffee

Do we need to say any more? Colombia is widely renowned for producing some of the world’s best coffee. Our Colombian coffee is sourced from plantations at altitudes of over 2,000 meters, with the highest quality ranking of up to 90 points by the Speciality Coffee Association.

If you are looking for a specific flavor profile, do not hesitate to ask about our variety of exotic and specialty coffees that we are sure will “blow your mind”.

Did you know that Mexico produces the world’s most organic coffee?

Coffee has been grown in the Southeast of Mexico for many generations, since the arrival of the Maya people. The coffee benefits from the fertile volcanic soils and abundant rains found in the area. Its pleasant taste and unique aroma makes Mexican Specialty Coffee one of the best in the world.

Finished Products

Flower of Salt comes from saltwater lagoons and is obtained by solar evaporation. The difference with common sea salt is that a thin layer of crystals is created and float on the surface of the water during the evaporation process called “crystallization eras”; which is collected by hand to produce the so-called “Caviar of Salt” with a limited production that makes it a scarce and valuable product.


Enjoy Brasseries de Liège experience!

The authentic artisanal brewery in the heart of the Grand Poste de Liège aimed at all those who love good beer. Taste all our ranges: the LEGIA Classics , the SAISONS DE LIÈGE bio as well as the LIMITED EDITIONS.