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TAAMAY’s experience at the Global G.A.P. Tour Mexico

On the 20th of October 2022, we were privileged to be invited by the Holland House for the opportunity to participate in the Global G.A.P. Tour Mexico, “Building the field of the future.” This was our first time taking part as panelists, with the topic of discussion being “how to implement the best production practices in the agri-food sector while considering safety and care for natural resources.”

TAAMAY was able to share knowledge obtained relating specifically to the European market in reference to the current requirements and competitiveness of exporting Mexican fruit. We emphasized the importance of market diversification and analysis of export projects.

We all know that Mexico´s largest market is with our northern neighbor, a favorable geographical location promotes efficient commercial exchange, although the risk of this model is elevated due to a single buyer having the ability to change suppliers at any time within a very competitive market. This can result in our producers suffering from serious problems such as oversupply and the desperate need to sell their products.

In such a competitive world market, Mexican producers have to be at the forefront of technology, certifications and market knowledge in order to approach alternative markets and work alongside seasonal changes to complement their offer during the year.