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Back in time, Mexican Organic Coffee

Nowadays it is likely to have an idea of the past by watching something online. TAAMAY has given us a real glimpse into the ancient coffee production process that Mexican growers have been applying to get an outstanding product since the early chapters of Mexican history.

We recently visited the Southern Mexican state of Chiapas. Driving by car is one of the few ways in which small towns can be connected with larger cities.

We were overwhelmed to see such a beautiful, green paradise. We climbed up the mountain through the coffee plantation while learning how to harvest precious coffee berries. The only constructed path was designed for trucks to bring coffee down from the higher area of the mountains. A range of tree and palm species such as oranges and bananas are planted in addition to every coffee tree, to create a diverse ecosystem.

On our visit, we were given “Pozol”, a common drink consumed made from corn and water. It is given to provide energy and fill an empty stomach. We spoke with the growers and pickers to learn about the challenges they face and important information about coffee production in the area. Surprisingly we required a translator as a large number of people in this area still speak their native language of Tzotzil or Tzeltal.

Mexico has a wide diversity of languages, landscapes and people, creating a welcoming society. Residents are friendly and generous, despite the challenges they face in their everyday lives. TAAMAY wants to take on the challenge of making this specialty organic coffee available worldwide.